Polish Forests in Your Hands

Are you bothered by trash in your neighborhood forests? Do you want to do something for the environment? Join our action and take care of polish forests together with us!
Polish Forests in Your Hands

Our Goals

We want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute to the local environment, and we believe that together we can do a lot! That's why we are running the action Polish Forests in Your Hands - anyone can join in and pick up trash, thereby doing a good deed for nature. We guarantee that the cleaning will charge you with positive energy and you will want ecology to become an integral part of your life!

Let these numbers speak for themselves!

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Forest Park "Bażantarnia"




How did it start?

Realizing a community project within the framework of the “Zwolnieni z Teorii” Competition in March 2022, we decided to organize a forest clean up at the local forest park “Bazantarnia”, which ended successfully! – We managed to pick up almost 200 bags of trash from the forest, and the event was attended by more than 300 people. These results only motivated us to continue!

Poland's first forest cleanup with prizes!

During the first forest cleanup, we partnered with such companies, stores and organizations as Many Mornings, Gandalf, BeePack, Lions Club Elblag and Minimalizm, among others. For each bag of trash collected, participants received gifts from our partners – including eco gadgets, cosmetics or vouchers for pizzas at local restaurants. Join our action, act for the environment and win attractive prizes!

Polish Forests in Your Hands

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