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Foundation Earth Day Everyday was formed because our planet needs actions to help each of us take care of the environment every day!

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Our history dates back to the Zwolnieni z Teorii competition – it was within its framework that we created the social project Earth Day Everyday. We were given all possible awards, including one for The Year’s Best Environmental Project in Poland 2022. After such a success, we decided to go on – we expanded the team and now, as an organization, we work to protect the environment, on a nationwide scale! Foundation Earth Day Everyday is, above all, wonderful people who believe that by joining forces we can really do&nbspa lot for the environment – both local and global. We highly encourage you to join us!

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage others to daily care of the planet, raise awareness about the dangers of environmental degradation and the climate crisis, and improve the state of the environment in Poland.

Our Goals

Raising awareness about the consequences of neglecting the environment

Educating about environmental issues

Demonstrating actions through which every day everyone can contribute to the better state of our planet

Improving the state of the environment in Poland

Working to popularize education about ecology and environmental protection

Spreading social environmental awareness

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Meet Our Team!

Założycielka: Mirella Kłosińska

Mirella Kłosińska

Co-founder & CEO

I founded Earth Day Everyday and I'm now taking on the role of current CEO. I am this year's high school graduate, and on a daily basis, apart from education, I thrive in several organizations. I am eager to organize various projects, events and take on new challenges. I am passionate about learning foreign languages, traveling and motorization.

Współzałożycielka: Kamila Pater

Kamila Pater

Co-founder & CMO

I am the co-founder of Earth Day Everyday. I'm interested in ecology and I love to share my knowledge on the subject with others. I like to spend my free time being creative, reading and cooking. Furthermore, I have been passionate about sewing and giving clothes a second life for 6 years now.

Współzałożycielka: Laura Wyszomirska

Laura Wyszomirska

Co-founder & Executive Editor

I am the co-founder of Earth Day Everyday. I run our editorial board, coordinate articles by editors and handle copywriting. In everyday life I am a humanities high school graduate. I have been interested in ecology for over a year now and in my free time I like to read and take walks.

Graficzka: Anna Niemiec

Anna Niemiec

Project Manager

For Earth Day Everyday, I am in charge of partnership and communication with our partners, but I also create collages for the editorial page. On a daily basis, I am a law student at the Jagiellonian University and in the future I would like a career in international law. I am extremely passionate about art, mainly literature and fine art painting, which is probably why I have developed such a fondness for graphic design.

Koordynator webinariów: Magdalena Dragan

Magdalena Dragan

Operations Team Member

I have been active in community and charity work for almost two years. I love listening to music and traveling. I am interested in fashion and ecology. I love trying new things, self-development is extremely important to me. In my free time I read books, I also like to cook.

Administrator IT: Grzegorz Ignasiak

Grzegorz Ignasiak

Administrator IT

I love music, a good TV series, and volleyball. I am interested in ecology. My role at the foundation is to provide technical support. If you find a glitch, be sure to message me!

Autor artykułu: Laura Brzeska

Laura Brzeska

Marketing Team Member

I am interested in sports (especially combat sports), dietetics, art and also ecology. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to do community work in various fields. It has always brought me a lot of joy. I like to gain new experiences. In my free time I read and paint.

Copywriter: Amelia Kusiak

Amelia Kusiak

Copywriter & Researcher

My interest is in ecology. I eagerly contribute to various charity events as a volunteer. On the personal note, I love watching movies and listening to music, as well as relaxing in the fresh air 🙂

Autor artykułu: Igor Szweda

Igor Szweda


Since recently I have been an editor for Earth Day Everyday. My tasks mainly include writing articles. On the personal note I am also a social activist fulfilling myself as a youth councilor of the county, or a leader of a community project, among other things.

Autor artykułu: Magdalena Rogalska

Magdalena Rogalska


I am currently working for an Irish medical manufactory, and for Earth Day Everyday I work as an editor. On a personal note, I am interested in dietetics and clinical psychology, with an emphasis on eating disorders. In addition to ecology, I am passionate about thrifting, cooking and preparing sweet baked goods ♥

Autor artykułu: Adrianna Nowak

Adrianna Nowak


At Earth Day Everyday, I hold the position of editor. I am passionate about books and movies and creativity that opens eyes, to new perspectives, problems, solutions.

Autor artykułu: Natalia Miszewska

Natalia Miszewska


I am an editor at Earth Day Everyday, and my duty is mainly writing articles. On a daily basis, I study in the second year of technical school and enjoy volunteering in various organizations. I also train kickboxing and love to learn languages.

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