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Earth Day Everyday brings together people interested in ecology, concerned about the fate of our planet who want to take an active role in helping the environment. We believe that by making environmentally conscious decisions every day, each of us can take care of the Earth. Moreover, through organizing actions we give others the opportunity to do a good deed for the planet in an effortless and enjoyable way. You can fight for the Earth’s future too. Get started right now!

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It all began with a social project Earth Day Everyday created as a part of Zwolnieni z Teorii Competition 2021/2022. For six months we held 22 lectures about ecology for a total of 537 students, organized 6 interviews with environmentalists and activists, and carried out surveys on household ecological practices. We participated in climate movements and organized a local forest cleanup campaign with 311 attendees that collected 196 bags of trash. In 2022 we received an award for the year’s best environmental project in Poland. At that time we decided to set up a foundation, which would enable us to protect the environment on an even larger scale.

Our Mission

Spreading environmental awareness

Our mission is to spread social environmental awareness and educate about environmental issues. What’s more, we want to encourage others to care for the planet on a daily basis and raise awareness about the dangers of the degradation of the environment and the climate crisis.

Our Initiatives

Learn about the efforts and events through which we fulfill our mission and contribute to a better future of our planet!

Join Us!

We highly encourage everyone to join our team! Together we stay motivated, support each other and care for the environment.

Polish Forests In Your Hands

In March 2022, we managed to take almost 200 bags of trash out of the local forest Bazantaria, which encouraged us to take further action. That's why we are organizing forest clean ups in a few Polish cities: Elblag, Gdansk, Warsaw and Krakow. For every collected bag of trash participants will receive in-kind prizes from our partners. We provide bags and gloves, all you need to bring with you is good mood and eagerness to work. Join our action "Polish Forests in Your Hands" and clear Polish forests with us!

End Plastic Wraps with Multiple-Use Bags

"End Plastic Wraps with Multiple-Use Bags" is a campaign whose motto is " Take it if you need it, donate if you got too many". You can leave fabrics you no longer need at dedicated locations, and our volunteers will sew reusable bags out of them! This is a fantastic example of upcycling, through which we give a second life to unnecessary fabrics!

We organize Webinars

We held lectures about ecology for hundreds of students of Polish primary and secondary schools. We addressed topics such as food waste, sea and ocean pollution and right recycling. We believe that education is crucial in order to be able to protect the environment, which is why we organize monthly webinars with people in the field of ecology and environmental protection, so that everyone has access to such valuable knowledge.

We Write Articles

Every Monday and Friday we publish articles on environmental aspects on our website. Everyone can find something for themselves - you can both read interesting articles on environmental issues as well as create them yourself! For this, we encourage you to join our team!

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