End Plastic Wraps with Multiple-Use Bags

“Take it if you need it, donate if you got too many”. – this was the motto that guided us when we launched End Plastic Wraps with Multiple-Use Bags. It’s a project whose main goal is to popularize the use of reusable bags – you can bring to our partner points unwanted fabrics, out of which our volunteers will then sew reusable shopping bags, free for later collection! This is a fantastic example of upcycling, through which together we can give a second life to unnecessary fabrics!
End Plastic Wraps with Multiple-Use Bags

Our Goal

Did you know that the average time of using a plastic bag is only 25 minutes, and its decomposition time is about 400 years?

The aim of End Plastic Wraps with Multiple-Use Bags campaign is to popularize the use of reusable bags – we want to make carrying them an everyday and obvious thing. In this way, we can significantly reduce the usage of plastic when doing something as simple as shopping.

End Plastic Wraps with Multiple-Use Bags given in numbers

Second edition starts in October 2023!

sewn bags
partner locations

How to find our spots?

By clicking the spot you will be taken to a Google map

Action partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept fabrics such as linen, fine cotton, fine mesh, curtains.

We do not accept clothes, dirty/damaged fabrics, fabrics not suitable for making reusable bags, including stretch fabrics, sweater fabrics, denim.

Those informations will be given soon

The sewn bags can be taken free of charge from the locations listed above.

Sure! Feel free to go to the nearest point and make use of them!

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