We want knowledge about ecology and protection of the environment to be available to everyone at their fingertips. Be sure not to miss the next one!

Their focus

Our goal is to make knowledge about ecology and protection of the environment free and accessible to everyone. We believe that education is the foundation for taking actions, which is why we host them. At them, everyone can listen to lectures given by people from the world of ecology, environmental protection and sustainability who deal with these topics on a daily basis.

Our latest webinar

Prelegentka: Katarzyna Sprengel

Kasia Sprengel

The main theme of the meeting

Less waste every day

Kasia proves every day that living less waste with children is possible. She runs the Instagram @kasia.sprengel and the blog eco-steps. She promotes small eco steps in a very down-to-earth way. During her upcoming webinar on January 4, she will tell us about less waste on a daily basis and help us enter the new year with small eco habits!

Previous webinars

Prelegent: Kuba Korczak

Kuba Korczak

The main theme
Special Event!

Christmas Zero Waste!

Charismatic chef and lecturer who promotes the idea of zero waste. Infecting with ultra-positive energy and boundless love for cooking and the subject of zero waste. During the webinar, he will talk about the zero waste movement in the kitchen, which each of us can implement in our home. Instead of throwing away, buy with your head and repair, recycle, reuse, reduce and compost, but most of all – learn to say no, including to yourself. Less is bless!
Prelegentka: Beata Ceranek

Beata Ceranek

The main theme

About the plants

Beata is the account manager of @home_flower on Instagram. This is a plant-themed account, where you can find a lot of advice on growing traditionally, as well as hydroponically, and many ideas for plant-based interior design. During the webinar, she will tell us about potted plants grown in our apartments, and so about her home flowerbed. This and many other interesting things we will learn during the meeting!
Prelegent: Paweł Pudło

Paweł Pudło

The main theme

Why are individuals' personal choices important to stopping the climate crisis?

Host of the Sustainable Development podcast, which covers topics related to energy, sustainability and conservation. In a webinar on the topic, he will tell us why the sum of individual decisions can make a significant difference in changes made at a much higher level.
Prelegentka: Weronika Drzewiecka

Weronika Drzewiecka

The main theme

Correct waste segregation

Eco-educator who shares her knowledge and passion on social media. On her profile @ekoroots.nikadrzewiecka you can find knowledge about ecology and health. By day, she is a mother and wife. She enjoys exploring forest paths with her dog Leda. She believes that every good action has a purpose, and the worst thing we can do is inaction. Webinar: Does segregation make sense? Is the glass bottle really the most eco-friendly packaging? Are we segregating correctly? What kind of waste do we have the biggest problem with? How much plastic is in the oceans ? Weronika will answer all these questions (and many more) in a webinar.
Prelegentka: Katarzyna Niemier

Kasia Niemier

The main theme

Hope in the fight against climate catastrophe

A 22-year-old Polish climate leader of the Climate Reality Program, youth climate activist and member of the alternative delegation to COP26 in Glasgow. She studies spatial economy at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and sits on the Klimat i Przestrzeń expert committee at the Ombudsman. She conducts a series of optional lectures on the climate crisis for students at the Faculty of Law and Administration at UAM. One of the creators of the Light of Hope zine, which was created with the support of the Greenpeace Poland Foundation.

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